How to have perfect hair. Everyday.

How often do you have a good hair day?  If you feel like you've lost the battle managing your own hair I have some hope for you.  Change what your hair is saying about you with these few steps.  

1) Know thy hair.  Knowledge is power! What kind of hair do you have? This may seem like a simple question but if you have never taken the time to study your hair or let your hairstylist explain it to you in terms that you understand, you could be missing out on days that could be amazing hair days.  Is your hair course and curly? Straight and fine? Wavy and thick? Each of these types has favorite products and favorite tools that need to be discovered. 

2) Assess the situation. A lot of people wash their hair everyday.  Your hairdresser has probably told you to wash less and dry shampoo more.  I am a HUGE advocate for skipping shampoo days if not for the fact that it's hard on hair (and probably perpetuating your "oil" dilemma) but also for times' sake.  We all want more time to snuggle in our cozy beds in the morning--at least I do. So before you just jump in the shower and lather yourself from head-to-toe, take a peek in the mirror, brush your hair, and see what it needs.  More than likely you can make it at least one more day with the right products.

3) Start with a good foundation.  When it is a wash day, take your time.  Use your best products and blow your hair completely dry and style.  If you know you're not going to have time in the morning to do this, wash your hair the night before and blow it completely dry before bed. Then in the morning all you have to worry about is the finish. 

4) Trouble shoot. Don't just assume because it's an odd numbered day that it's a wash day. Your best hair days could be hiding in day three, four and five!  Give your hair a chance to speak to you. Maybe you just need a dash of dry shampoo, or to just re-wet your bangs and blow them out fresh.  Maybe a quick change of part will refresh your hair for another entire day!

5) Do a midday refresher. Keep your favorite dry shampoo, hairspray, and/or sea salt spray in a travel size with you in your handbag.  If you don't have room for that keep them in your car or office drawer--somewhere you'll know you'll be midway through your day.  

Leave me a comment or question below!  I love to hear feedback from my readers. Here's to many more fabulous hair days!

With hope and dry shampoo,


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<a href=""> Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>